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The Neurovascular Disease and Stroke Center at UCSF Medical Center provides preventive care and screening for patients at high risk for stroke and other neurovascular conditions as well as initial and second opinion consultations for the diagnosis and treatment of complex disorders such as brain aneurysms, carotid disease, cervical artery dissection, stroke and vascular malformations. Treatments range from medication to surgery, such as the surgical removal of plaque from arteries or the routing of blood flow to bypass abnormal blood vessels in the brain.

The center is a designated advanced primary stroke center, certified by the national Joint Commission, an independent accreditation organization for health care institutions. It was the first center in San Francisco to receive this designation.

Services we offer include:
1. Comprehensive stroke and TIA care
2. Diagnosis and treatment of Intra-cerebral or brain hemorrhage
3. Diagnosis and treatment of Brain aneurysm
4. Diagnosis and treatment of AVM and other vascular malformations
5. Research participation